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  • Not Constantly Spooky, Death is also Celebrated as a Festival

    Death is important in the culture of all nations of the world. Death transformed into rituals, traditions and festivals that attract tourists.

    Death, despite leaving grief, was greeted with celebrations in various countries of the world.

    We will explore thoroughly the celebration of death in various countries that become attractions or tourist attraction. Of course we start from own country which have Ngaben ceremony in Bali, burn corpse in Borneo, change ceremony of dress of the dead in Toraja and finger cut tradition in Papua.

    Indonesia is so rich in the tradition of death, and some can be seen by tourists. Yet other countries do not lose. China has a Qinming Festival, the nomads call it Cengbeng, the festival of death to honor the ancestors.

    If in Hong Kong, they have the Ghost Festival. The Japanese have the Obon Festival, which is not much different from Qinming. While in Nepal, there is Gai Jatra who memaknai death with cows. Really unique.

    In Korea, death festival is merged with a harvest festival. That’s the Chuseok Festival that attracts tourists. While in India there is a Pitru Paksha ceremony, bathing together in honor of the deceased.

    Celebrating death is also no less crowded in Latin America. He de Muertos or Day of the Dead in Mexico can be regarded as a parade or carnival celebrating the most colossal death in the world.

    In Bolivia there is even Day of The Skulls, with real skulls carried around the festival. Hiii! Horrified!

    But that’s the festival celebrating death. Partially interpreted with sorrow, others interpreted by the movement of human nature. For millions of years humans have interpreted death, has become a very interesting cultural ceremony in the eyes of tourists.